Fat Jumping Birds          




Beautiful and profound! i'd be proud to have written it. As Brahms said of Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz,

"Alas! Not by me."   written about Southern River with cello and viola.

I love how you develop the opening phrase, itself already very beautiful and very cello-istic.  And I

love the occasional unexpected notes and sonorities.  Almost "blues-y" but not quite. Modal but

not caged into one mode.

 Outside "the box.

 The section when one cello is doing pizzicato makes a fine contrast, coming just when we're ready

for something a little different than the glory of two bowed cellos.  (oops, a cello and a viola)

And then the recapitulations.  The little section around 4:50 brought a lump to my throat.

Hymn-like, I want to say, though that's not quite the phrase to describe it.  The whole tones at 5:48,

too, very strangely beautiful.  You think it's over at 6:16 ... but wait ... we hear the opening shape one

more time, say farewell, and then the actual ending:  ambiguity.  Ah!  Gorgeous touch.


Good work, Canary.

You may sleep the sleep of the just.


Rick Sowash, Composer






Yes! I did find music on your website! I listened to "Daniella's Hope", some of "The Promise",
"We went Naked to the Pond", Costa Brava", and some of "Victoria's Harp". They were all wonderful! It made me proud to know that I know the person who composed these!! It also makes me think of the men at WOMR who think they are something else, who can't hold a candle to you. NO one at the station is a composer!! Good luck with the new piece and the fall recording.

Jean Jarrett
Folk Music DJ WOMR
Office Manager



About A Mass for US

I was certainly not disappointed by your brilliance, Canary! All the movements sound so much better now - the individual parts have the clarity and resonance they deserve. Still love the way the woodwinds weave and dart around each other, and the cello is lovely. I'm always surprised at how much consonance and tonality you use. And those Mongolian Throat Singers just slay me.

All in all, a ringing triumph! You can be very proud of this huge accomplishment.



Jordan Spivack


Nanuet, New York



bwahahaha - you sent out an email with news about your music,  you were pleased/surprised people were downloading it at CDBaby etc. and you were getting income, and there was a link to Reverbnation where some of your music was, so I went there and listened and was blown away. It was work I hadn’t heard before. I have never in my life purchased music from CDBaby or Reverbnation or even iTunes, because I can audio capture anything, right? but this is the first time I realized I need to buy this music, to put in my library, to have on hand to listen, and to support the artist. so that’s what I’m gonna do because they were reasonably priced! a dollar twenty-something, I can do it. How nice to be able to do it. It makes me feel rich haha.


xxxKathi Bloom

electronic composer.



Hello Canary,

I am enjoying your cd! I had no idea, not really knowing you and only hearing The Latest Score, that you had such a jazz sensibility. I appreciate your harmony, often unexpected, and the originality of your lines. Oh my God, forgive me if I sound like some music critics, most of whom I find insufferable, but I'm really hearing some original music here! I hear the Monk influence on not only Monkish but Turkey Too and others. The ballads are exceptionally lyrical (Solar Reflections, Companion). Solar Reflection 2 is just lovely and Mercedes played it beautifully. The pieces that John Jarvis plays I'd love to know, in the melody choruses, whether you wrote out the chord voicings for him or if he was reading from a lead sheet. 

The pieces that Roxana plays are intriguing. I especially like Sigrid's Lullaby.

Once again, thank you for treating me to this wonderful music. I'll keep listening and I just might ask you for a lead sheet or two. 

Best always

Fred Fried (I sent him "Sigrid's Lullaby").


I'm in the movie  "Outermost Radio The Film" and here is the trailer. 


A lovely review in MuzicNotez offering fans a new tune "Southern River".


This music was given The PatsyLu award by the judges of International Alliance for Women in Music in their search for new music in 2014.


From Jerusha after listening to Syrian Moonlight on Sound Cloud: What generosity, majestic pace and gathering vulnerability: scary and comforting both. The "poem" is reminiscent of Sappho's "Everyday I hunger and I struggle" I'm quite certain her ghost is on Lesbos now, binding wounds and dispensing muse-meds.


Review of "Raggity Three Step" in Skope Magazine.


"Raggity Three Step" Fabulous Review at Mi2N  Music Magazine 


Review of "Jazz Bird" by Rick Jamm in JammSphere Magazine.


Yehuda Yanney - composer    About the review in Fanfare Magazine.

"Canary dear: this is a very caring, I would even say, loving review. It makes one wanting to meet the composer in person. I also think that the reviewer is right about the stylistic description; somewhat between jazz-pop and better Broadway. In the pieces I listened to, you always have some alluring moments, melodically and harmonically, that makes me perk up my ears. On the whole, this writer is really listening."


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