pretty composer 


   1. Danielle Bass, pictured here is an impresario as well as a pianist and composer. She has put together so  many concerts I marvel at her energy. She asked me for several pieces over the years, this one for 4 hands, one piano. She kept me going in some lean years.


  2.  Daniella's Hope was performed in the Festival Emergence on the 18th of November 2007, played by Anne Vandenbossche and Jean-Noel Remiche.


  3,  It's been performed in Brussels, Belgium at the Centre Armillaire - Centre Cultural Jettois and Maison Communde de Molenbeck-Sait Jean, Brussells   Belgium in 2008, this by Danielle herself with Weily Luc.


 4. January 13th performance 2008  at the Centre Cultural but I don't know the performers.