Classical Bird: The Music of Canary Burton

Various Artists

Charming & unusual Chamber Music

We had such a large group of musicians rehearsing and recording this music, 12 in all. It felt like many more. I'd hired half the Cape Cod Symphony and some of the, oh I don't know, the BSO. Getting schedules together for rehearsal was a bear. I shouted ARGH in the privacy of my home many times. I must have written 500 emails, heck. I look back and I marvel, oh to have such problems. I have been terribly lucky to be able to bring this project to bear. This is the first album, Classical Bird but there is another coming, Bird Notes.

This is my music and I am still amazed that I sound like I do. I'd only heard each piece as each piece. I remember years ago thinking that my music was totally weird and hard to listen to. Hahahahaha. Not really. So gentle you can poke a stick at it and it will settle down as a marshmellow.

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