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 About The Artist


I was born in California 9 months after Pearl Harbor and brought home to a lovely house on a hillside with fabulous gardens. After my mother died I went to Texas to live with her sister, my aunt Ruby and her husband. After high school graduation I married and had two children. Divorced, I married again, only to remarry again and finally get out of town. During the late 60's I was an antiwar activist and a union organizer. I joined a beautiful commune (that is still functioning)Then I went to school.



I studied music at the University of Idaho at Moscow from 1972-79 and then relocated to Washington, D.C. to listen to jazz upclose. When I found  Wellfleet, Cape Cod (in Massachusetts) I knew I could grow a garden and grow old there ...and that's what I'm doing.



Describe my music. As a whole, it's a blend of 21st century Singer Songwriter, Jazz, Classical and Experimental (and that doesn't mean ugly).